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Below is a list of our services that we offer. Please take a look and please keep in mind that for some of the services, multiple treatments are recommended and discounts are available. As always, please call our office at: (503) 363-8589 for any questions that you might have about your skin concerns!


Thermage is a cosmetic procedure using radiofrequency that is used to improve the appearance of sagging skin. Even one treatment can yield amazing anti-aging results, turning back the hands of time on the face, neck, eyes and other areas of the body. Learn More 


Fraxel focuses on fine lines, wrinkles, sun burns, skin pigmentation, and actinic keratosis, a condition mostly associated with the onset of cancer. Learn More

Special: 10% off 3 Visit Package


Clear + Brilliant is a stunning new type of laser treatment for the skin that can improve initial signs of aging and prevent further damage to the skin. Learn More

Special: 10% off 3 Visit Package & 25% off 6 Visit Package


Venus Legacy treatments are the combination of Magnetic Pulse technology and Radio Frequency technology. These technologies work together to improve the appearance of cellulite, tighten the skin, and reduce wrinkles. Learn More

Special: 20% off 6 Visit Package


HydraFacial MD is an ultra-hydrating process for the skin that uses hydradermabrasion to create beautifully clear, soft skin in only one treatment. Learn More

Photofacial / Intense Pulse Light Therapy

Perfect for reducing dark spots and pigmentation.

Liquivida IV Therapy

Using safe and proven techniques, IV therapy is an effective way to receive those minerals, amino acids, and vitamins that we are missing and restore our energy, vitality, and achieve balance.

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