Welcome to Leonard Medi Spa


The office of Dann K. Leonard, M.D.  is dedicated to providing the optimal patient experience with the utmost confidentiality. A full line of aesthetic and reconstructive procedures is offered with the confidence of a board certified Plastic Surgeon and team.

Our Purpose


At Leonard Medi Spa we are dedicated to providing Salem aesthetic enrichment. We believe in intelligent beauty, using the very best technologies and methods to revitalize, enhance, and heal the natural radiance of every patient that comes through our door. We LOVE what we do!

What We Have to Offer


We specialize in aesthetic medicine inside and out. We offer injectable fillers to enhance the natural contours of the body, we offer skin resurfacing treatments to reveal a more vibrant appearance to revive you.

Consultations & Appointments


During each consultation, Dr. Leonard and his staff will provide you with thorough, personalized information to help you understand all the details of the services you are interested in.  Contact us today with any questions.

How may we REJUVENATE you?

Leonard Medi Spa 

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