Thermage is a cosmetic procedure using radiofrequency that is used to improve the appearance of sagging skin. Even one treatment can yield amazing anti-aging results, turning back the hands of time on the face, neck, eyes and other areas of the body. Individuals undergoing Thermage will note that they look and feel younger after one treatment.


While Thermage can be safely used throughout the body, it produces the most dramatic results on the eyes and face.

The Eyes – Thermage can be used on upper and lower eyelids to improve sagging skin that forms a hood around the eyes, making the face look tired. It can also improve fine lines and creases around the eyes.

The Face – Thermage can be used to address sagging skin and fine lines around the face. It is particularly beneficial on the forehead and around the jaw line when the skin around the chin, jaw and neck begin to sag.

The Body – While Thermage is used most frequently on the face, it has been used with success throughout the body. It is particularly good at addressing cellulite and dimpling of the skin, especially on the thighs. It can noninvasively smooth and improve the thickness of skin.


How Thermage technology works

Thermage uses radiofrequency energy to heat the skin deep within the dermis. The heat stimulates the collagen located here to tighten and create new collagen cells. Skin tightening is caused by the contraction of collagen. These periods of intense heat are interspersed with cooling sessions for patient comfort.

Step 1: Cooling Begins: The patient’s skin is cooled initially to keep the individual comfortable and to ensure that the rest of the treatment is performed safely with no injury to the skin.

Step 2: Heating: The Thermage 3.0 tip is used to heat specific parts of the skin depending on the areas to be targeted. No sedation is needed with the newly improved heating tips.

Step 3: Penetration: Radiofrequency energy penetrates deep into the skin’s tissue, heating the treatment areas and remodeling the collagen.

Step 4: Cryogen Delivery (cooling down): Cryogen is used at the end of the treatment to ensure that the individual’s skin is left perfectly comfortable.

Is Thermage Right for You?

Thermage is a great choice for people who are struggling with sagging skin around the face and neck or dimpling and bulges through the body. Thermage allows individuals to target these areas noninvasively and without sedation in a single quick treatment that does not require significant recovery time. Thermage offers the following benefits:

• Results with a single treatment
• Non-invasive procedure requiring no sedation
• More powerful results than can be produced with lotions and serums
• Targeted, customizable effects depending on individual needs
• Fast, easy treatments
• Approved by the FDA
• Low incidence of side effects

Special Considerations, Risks and Recovery

Individuals who have pacemakers or other similar implants should not have Thermage. Additionally, those who have used cosmetic fillers in the past should check with their doctors before having Thermage.

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