Dual Fraxel Laser Technology

Fraxel is a proven laser technology which has been used to reverse the effects of aging. The change offered by Fraxel isn’t drastic or alarming; you will remain yourself but look a lot younger. Fraxel technologies focus on fine lines, wrinkles, sun burns, skin pigmentation, and actinic keratosis, a condition mostly associated with the onset of cancer.

What Dual Fraxel can accomplish


Fraxel technology is an almost flawless laser skin resurfacing procedure that works from deep inside the skin to eradicate skin issues such as fine lines, photo aging, wrinkles, scars and age spots. Fraxel light beam sensitizes the operation of your natural collagen tissues, enhancing the skin cells below the surface to eradicate pockets and creases occurring due to old age or scarring. This technology works in the targeted spots, therefore provides effective skin remediation in the predetermined areas.


How Dual Fraxel technology works

Step 1: “Smart Scanning”

You esthetician will use a hand-held laser device to scan the area to ensure safety and consistency.

Step 2: Penetration

The Fraxel technology utilizes fractional lasers to penetrate through the top tissues of the skin.

Step 3: Light Stimulation

A beam of safe light through the lasers to induce the production of collagen. The Clear and Brilliant laser is a preventive laser treatment to prevent aging. Fraxel Dual, on the other hand, performs both prevention and correction of skin fine lines and scars. The latter treatment method targets outer layers of the dermis where pigmentation, sunburns, and spots usually occur.

Step 4: Natural Collagen Stimulation

After the laser treatment, the natural production of collagen is enhanced leading to the resurfacing of the outer layer of your skin. As a result, the wrinkles and scars will be smoothened out and the gaps/pockets filled with fresh collagen tissue.

Is Dual Fraxel right for you?

Fraxel technology is a reliable and efficient skin resurfacing method which saves you from issues such as possible downtimes associated with skin resurfacing procedures like surgery. It promises excellent results to those who want to look good. Consequently, Fraxel is appropriate for any lifestyle and can easily be a part of your beauty routine.

Here are the reasons why Fraxel is an excellent option:
• It is the least invasive skin resurfacing treatment which is clinically proven to have very little side effects.
• It is easily manageable and can fit right into your regular beauty routine.
• It guarantees real results that cannot be offered by superficial lotions and body creams.
• It is simple and quickly reverses the effects of aging on the skin.

Special Considerations, Possible Side Effects and Recovery

It is imperative to note that Fraxel treatment procedure lasts only 15 to 45 minutes. The procedure is quite painless hence no anesthesia or analgesics are needed. The Fraxel treatment is delivered in fractions to the affected skin area. Your dermatologist will determine the appropriate coverage and intensity for your condition.

An average treatment may cover a range of 15 to 20% of the skin. That is meant to shorten the down time after the procedure. The results start to appear after 1 to 5 Fraxel treatment sessions based on statistics from several patients.

Some customers have also witnessed mild side effects such as swelling and redness in the treated areas. The extent of swelling depends on the depth and coverage of your treatment. However, such occurrences are no cause for alarm because they are normal body reactions to the changes after treatment. Swellings and redness should subside in less than two days.

Other people may also experience dryness of skin, flaking, peeling, or a bronzed look. Those are effects of exposure to laser energy. However, cases of infection from this procedure are very minimal.

To find more about the Fraxel dual treatments, contact us. You can also meet with us for a consultation, during which we will suggest for you the perfect Fraxel treatment for your skin condition.

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