Clear + Brilliant


Clear + Brilliant is a stunning new type of laser treatment for the skin that can improve initial signs of aging and prevent further damage to the skin. Developed by Solta Medical, Clear + Brilliant technology uses fractional laser treatments to target only a fraction of the skin cells. This method leaves few side effects while allowing the skin to regenerate.


Solta Medical is a trustworthy company with over a million successful treatments to date. Clear + Brilliant has been FDA approved and has received the CE marking for European usage.

What Clear + Brilliant Can Accomplish

Clear + Brilliant can be used by men and women of all ages who complain of dull, lackluster skin and who want to renew the surface of the skin by targeting cells below the skin’s surface.

Some of the results of Clear + Brilliant include:
• Increased skin radiance
• Better skin tone and illumination
• Soft, smooth skin texture
• Smaller pores
• Improved age spots

Users note that results begin to appear within a few days following the initial treatment. The skin becomes more radiant and the texture becomes softer. However, the best results are noted after four to six treatments depending on the individual’s age and skin condition. Some individuals prefer to continue regular treatments on a long-term basis to extend the results.

How Clear + Brilliant Technology Works

Clear + Brilliant uses lasers to regenerate the skin. It is somewhat more powerful than microdermabrasion yet gentler than Fraxel. It works deep within the skin to target only a fraction of the skin cells in the treatment area. This allows some cells to be destroyed while allowing the cells left behind to regenerate themselves. This is what provides improved skin texture, tone and radiance. By targeting millions of tiny zones of the skin with smart-tip technology, Clear + Brilliant provides consistent results throughout the skin.

Is Clear + Brilliant Right for You?

Clear + Brilliant can be used by men and women of any age and ethnicity. Unlike other lasers that can leave marks behind, even those with dark skin will experience amazing results. Clear + Brilliant is a gentle treatment, meaning that it is perfect for people with minimal aging concerns. Those with more dramatic concerns, such as wrinkles or sagging skin, may prefer to try a more powerful option, such as Fraxel or Thermage. Clear + Brilliant will help restore radiance and softness to skin that has been cared for well.

Consider trying Clear + Brilliant if:
• The skin has been kept healthy in the past
• You plan to continue a healthy skin care regimen
• You are generally pleased with the condition of the skin and only want to keep and improve your natural radiance
• You simply want to improve the results of your currently healthy and appropriate skincare routine
• You want to avoid more invasive anti-aging procedures

Special Considerations, Risks and Recovery

A Clear + Brilliant treatment may take as little as 10 minutes, and most treatments take less than 20 minutes.

Protecting New Skin

Skin cells will begin to regenerate within 24 hours following the initial treatment. Regeneration will last for approximately four days although exact results depend on one’s skin type. Individuals will need to protect these new skin cells by actively and gently caring for the new skin, by using approved moisturizers and by avoiding exfoliating washes. Sunscreen should also be used whenever one is outside.

Clear + Brilliant is a safe and gentle treatment when performed by a professional who can make exact recommendations depending on individual concerns.

Please note that some individuals suffering with certain skin conditions should not use Clear + Brilliant. We will be able to evaluate patients to determine if Clear + Brilliant is right for them. Individuals receiving treatment may notice certain side effects, such as reddened and inflamed skin, hyperpigmentation, blistering and scarring and possible flare-ups of herpes or acne.

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